April 2012 - Leaving Winter...

The weather is slowly getting milder and the days slowly getting longer. It's overcast...

Since moving LB headquaters to the other end of this village, it has been hard work to keep up with everything. Moving personal items alone hasn't been easy but moving the distro and setting up all the stock and dubbing equipment etc... has been slow going to say the least. Now we are finally settled in this new dwelling, some news can be delivered...

Forged in the winter were several new releases which due to several problems and delays with pressing plants, and other such nonsense, will only just now be unleashed and available for purchase from the Legion Blotan Online Shop - www.Legion-Blotan.co.uk

Arch Toll - "Poisener" LP
Satanhartalt - "Déaþscufærgewinn" LP
White Medal/Caina - "Split" LP

Hakaristi - "S/T" 7"
Wings Of War - "Prepare For War" 7"

Auldfeud - "S/T" Tape
Lost Flood - "Demo III" Tape
Rimethurses - "Raw Rehearsal" Tape
Sacred Ritual/Grimmd - "Split" Tape
Unkerd Wood - "Demo II" Tape
Vanyar - "Leaving..." Tape
Wóddréa Mylenstede - "Demo II" Tape

Black Howling - "The Rain Is The Weeping Of The Forefathers" CD
Valley of Fear - "S/T" CD